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Tangara T and G sets

Here are the different variations of the Tangara over the years, with both the G and T sets.
-Please note that they have been reported to have sound issues in TANE
- Working running lights
- Mostly working cab
- Running lights
- Animated doors
Special thanks to Taggy for assistance
especially for sounds, textures and information
These are the dependencies
Recommended you install, if you want the Tangaras to work. Davido's V sets (Notably the one with the Central Coast line livey) are also required, which can be obtained from
Download Dependencies 

Sydney Trains/Cityrail refurbished

Sydney Trains Refurbished: M set style doors

Too many people were kicking out the panels of the Tangara's doors, so Sydney Trains decided to trial a new set of "kick proof" doors
A refurbished Tangara, from the original CityDecker refurbishments, featuring Waratah style flooring, fabric and yellow poles.
Download Cityrail Refurbished
Download Sydney Trains Refurbished

Sydney Trains Refurbished: New gangways

Not too sure why Sydney Trains decided to trial new gangways, but here it is!

Cityrail Black with Citydecker interior

Cityrail Yellow with Citydecker interior

Cityrail Black, with the Citydecker interior, with the 4 sided pole that everyone knows and loves, as well as the black doors and front
Cityrail Yellow, with the Citydecker interior, with the 4 sided pole that everyone knows and loves

Converted Refurbished G set

State Rail, Original

When the Oscars where introduced, the G sets where refurbished and converted to ordinary suburban T sets, where the toilet facilities where removed, and replaced with seating.
Here is the is the Tangara, in it's original state when it was introduced in 1988 to State Rail Authority.


Converted Refurbished G set Trial Doors

The Ex-G sets with the new M set style doors

Outer Suburban Tangara

Don't you hate it when you're on a train and need to use the restroom? Well worry no more! The outer suburban Tangara features an onboard bathroom, and a bonus drink fountain!
Comes in Yellow and Black
Download: Yellow
Download: Black