Welcome to Electro Transport!

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NSW H set
NSW M set
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Welcome to Electro Transport!
Here is NSW content by memeboy for Trainz Simulator. There may also be OMSI bus reskins here as well.


Due to SOMEBODY (You know who you are) converting my work without my permission, I'd like to make it clear here. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO CONVERT MY MODELS TO ANY OTHER PLATFORM.
You are allowed to reskin as long as vandalism is not shown, and you are allowed to upload the reskins as long as you let me know. But I swear, if I catch you uploading my content and claiming it as your own, especially if you converted it, I will have no choice but to persue legal action. 

In other words, if you steal my models I will track you down and whoop yo ass

All content on this website (c) Daniel Nguyen
Unauthorised reproduction of is not permitted
Apologies for the quite crappy design right now, this is my first website. :)